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Air Malta Virtual (AMVirtual / AMV) is a non-profit, global community based organisation, known as a 'virtual airline', that has been in existence since December 2018. Our goal is to virtually simulate the operations of Malta's national flag carrier.

Air Malta Virtual provides an environment where individuals can learn about the principles of flying for an airline to a fairly advanced level, using commercially available software to create a simulated 'virtual airspace' that is identical in navigational terms to the real world. This highly realistic system acts as a 'knowledge gateway' for aviation enthusiasts and aspiring pilots, by allowing them to assimilate some of the more challenging aspects of airline flying but in a relaxed and pressure free environment.

Happy flying!!


Less bureaucray, more flying.

We share a passion for aviation. We are here to fly. So why get entangled into miles of red tape? Our rules are few, and simple to follow. Other than that... we wish you sunny skies and plenty of tailwinds :)

No more starting from the bottom! AMV is about having fun and aviating the world. We allow our pilots to fly what they want, when they want, and where they want within our network! Our PIREP ACARS system is fully automated! How frustrating is it waiting for your PIREP to be approved?...No more - Spend more time aviating, and less time with paperwork! So what are you waiting for? Come join us!

Our automatic PIREP system precisely collects and keeps record of your pilot logbook, compensation, miles flown, ticket price, routes, PAX, performance grades and much more! More specifically, each PIREP is graded automatically ensuring it meets our flight criteria! Our robust booking and dispatching system elevates your flight immersion... Up to the challenge?

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Flight No. Departure City Arrival City Date Pilot Callsign Aircraft
KM9412B LICD LMML 2018-12-29   AMC001 AIRBUSA320 AIR MALTA
TEST1 LMML LICD 2018-12-28   AMC001 EMBRAER E195 V2.4 XP11 WHITE
KM659 LICB LMML 2018-12-28   AMC001 EMBRAER E195 V2.4 XP11 WHITE
KM658 LMML LICB 2018-12-26   AMC001 B737-800X AIR MALTA (9H-ADI)
KM643 LICC LMML 2018-12-23   AMC001 B737-800X AIR MALTA (9H-ADI)
KM640 LMML LICC 2018-12-23   AMC001 B737-800X AIR MALTA (9H-ADI)
KM659 LICB LMML 2018-12-22   AMC001 AIRBUS A320 AIR MALTA 9H-AEO
KM658 LMML LICB 2018-12-22   AMC001 AIRBUS A320 AIR MALTA 9H-AEO

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Nobody has performed an awesome landing yet!

Latest Members

Pilot Name Country Hub Hired Date
  Joseph L Cremona Malta Malta LMML - Malta International Airport 2018-12-09

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posted by Joseph L Cremona on 2018-12-26

AMVirtual - soft launch
posted by Joseph L Cremona on 2018-12-22

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